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Dream Work with Katherine Bell

Episode Summary

"Only the Dreamer knows," is an important aspect of working with your dreams. Katherine shares her wisdom and insights from many years of helping others work with their dreams.

Episode Notes

Katherine has been listening to her dreams and using them to guide her life for most of her life. Yet it wasn't until her appendix ruptured that she started to pay more attention and her life began to transform. 

A message from Katherine:
I am Katherine Bell of Experiential Dreamwork. About two years ago I had a dream of zebras: a simple image of striped backs with frisky foals all around me. When I felt into this dream moment I realized that I was one of the herd! This powerful, untamed community of fierce family had recognized me as one of their own.

This dream was an initiation into a waking life reality where I felt deeply supported and loved for the first time in my life, a sense of true belonging… and I wish the same for you!

A group of zebras is called a dazzle. Today the dazzle of my life is my community of dream friends. We don’t all do the same practices. Some are clients, some mentors, some participants in my public events, some are fellow travelers on parallel paths. Some live close by and some are on the other side of the world. All are allies and friends, they are my Dream Mates.


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